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College Grants For Single Mothers in Canada

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Every country will agree to the fact that the women require adequate education to move ahead in life, especially the mothers. Single mothers have special needs as they are the only support to their family and kids. Money, time and confidence are three obstacles in their path to acquire education. Canada, like any other country, has identified these problems and hence, has started college grants for single mothers in Canada.

The Canadian government realizes the problems faced by single mothers and has started various grants to help the mothers cope with the problems by providing required education for them. Like in the United States, to apply for federal grants in Canada, one needs to apply it through the FAFSA centre. The FAFSA is an online centre set up for receiving the applications for the federal and state grants. The applicants usually need to submit their previous year’s tax records as it is the eligibility criterion for receiving the grants.

The latest feature regarding the college grants for single mothers is the Canada Student Grants program (CSGP) which has clubbed the various federal student grants into a single program and is earnestly trying to reach out to single mothers who like to pursue their studies. This new program helped 245,000 students in the academic year 2009-2010 and is very easy to apply for. Some of the grants under this program have been listed below:

1) Canada Student Grant for Persons from Low-Income Families: This grant provides $250 per month to students of low-income household who also are eligible for a federal student loan, and is available to undergraduate and college school program.

2) Canada Student Grant for Persons from Middle-Income Families: As the name suggests, this is granted to a middle-income class student also qualifying for a federal loan. The selected student will receive $100 per month of study.

3) Canada Student Grant for Persons with Permanent Disabilities: This grant is only for those students who are handicapped or crippled. The state offers $2000 every academic year for these students to cover their education costs and tuitions.

4) Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities: Those handicapped students who face exclusive expenses for interpreters or tutors are provided $8000 annually from the state.

5) Canada Student Grant for Persons with Dependents: This grant is exclusive for mothers. $200 per month of study is provided to them for each child which they have under 12 years of age.

6) Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students with Dependents: This is for single mothers who are pursuing part-time education. For every child under 12 years of age, the single mother is entitled to $40 per week of study. Single mothers with three or more children are entitled for $60 per week.

7) Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Studies: This scholarship is only for part-time students. The state grants up to $1200 per school year for the eligible part-time students.

The Government of Canada is very keen on its CSGP and realizes the marked changes this program has brought about in the lives of the deserving students, who are only held back due to the financial crisis. College grants for single mothers in Canada is becoming a reality and this can observed from the improved lives of the mothers.

Many places offer scholarships just for being in a specific group. Take just a few minutes to get a scholarship just for being a mother. That’s $10,000 that does not have to be paid back. Here it is, Scholarship for Mothers and it’s free.

Government Grants FAQ:

Question: Can Americans Get Student Grants or Student Aid in Canada?
I’m American, wanting to go to college in Canada so that I can be closer to my boyfriend. Will I be able to get a grand or student aid in Canada since I’m American? I’ve also heard that if I applied for a United States Government grant that I could use it at a Canadian school. Is this true?

Answer: While you cannot get Canadian student aid, you can indeed get US government aid for most Canadian schools.

Question: Is there any grants for single moms in Canada?

Answer: There is a grant called the Canada Study grant for students with dependants, you will most likely get one if you qualify for a Canada student loan

Ask at your financial aid office too, they may not have grants specifically for single moms, but they may put you into whats called a special consideration class, which means you have more priority than say a single student.

Also check out they have info on a lot of scholarships and grants including for single moms

Question: Single mom in Canada needs money to pay for tuition to finish degree?
I need to find a grant for tuition and books to finish my degree at university of Victoria in Canada. Don’t qualify for student loans. Very determined. Any suggestions or info on grant opportunities?

Answer: Why not try and see if there are any national helplines for education in Canada that you can try. I would also be contacting the University you attend and see if they can put you in touch with a student advisor who can help you.

Question: Grants for single mothers going to school in Canada?
I am a single mom and I want to go back to school very soon. I am struggling just to get by at the moment and I will need a great deal of help to get through schooling. I am currently living in Calgary, Ab but will be moving to Thunder Bay, Ont at the end of April.

Answer: Check out OSAP (Ontario Student Aid Program). You have to apply for a loan first and you will automatically be considered for a grant. You should contact the financial aid advisor in Thunder Bay and they can help you out the best. There also may be bursaries at the school.

Question: How can I get a loan for university?
I am a Canadian student and I want to go to university in America. My marks are great, but I’m the child of a single mother and we’re very poor. I heard that the Canadian government will not grant a large loan for a student that will not study in Canada. Furthermore, a bank will probably not grant me a loan since I do not have any credit history whatsoever.
I do not want to give up on a dream. Help!

Answer: My advice is to speak with a financial aid advisor from the University you would like to attend. The best advice is to not get a loan through some private company because they have terrible interest rates. Even if you have no credit, an advisor will tell you the best option. Most college students have little or no credit, so they are in a similar boat. There are other options, and the college should be working with you to find out the best option to pay for your future education.

Question: Can you get any grants/financial aid at university when you have a baby?
I’m 17, graduated from high school and 6 months pregnant, and I’m going to university in September. I live on my own and get no financial support from my parents. Is there a way to get my tuition fees lowered, or get a discount of some sort at the university? I’ve heard that young mothers can get special grants, but I’m not sure how it works. I live in and will be going to school in Ontario, Canada.

Answer: You can apply for OSAP. There is a clause that asks how many people you have dependent on you, which basically means if you have kids, or possibly parents you care for, and that will determine how much of a loan you can get. Also talk to your school about scholarships and bursaries, they are available for people in lots of different situations. Look into a joint daycare program with your school, some have that as well.

Question: Going to School in Canada can I use Pell Grant?
University of Winnipeg is listed in FAFSA school code lookup and I want to go to school there, but can I use my Pell Grant money? I know they take Stafford loans and the Admission office says they work with all forms of US Finacial Aid, but I don’t think they know what they’re talking about because I’m getting mixed reports online for US needs based grants for out of Country Schools. I am having a hard time getting in touch with the Financial Aid office and I need to know this information now.

Answer: If the school has a federal school code then yes, you can use USA federal financial aid to attend. This includes the Pell grant and stafford loans and such. Just be aware that not everyone qualifies for the Pell grant. You have to be pretty low income to qualify for it. And since you are going to an out of country college it will be MUCH more expensive. It is doubtful your Pell grant would cover all the costs.

Question: For moms going to school and work and raising a baby?
Baby is due in October. Hubby will be on parental leave from work for 6 months the date the baby is born. So, I want to take advantage of him being home to go to school full time. My University considers full time education as 9 cred hrs. and that will still qualify me for student loans and grants. So, question is, do you think 15 cred hours would be too much?

Answer: I think 15 hours is too much to start – especially with a new baby. Even with dad taking care of it you will be pooped. Babies are demanding, sleep schedules are hard to come by…and for fifteen hours – you need to factor roughly three hours for reading/homework per class per scheduled class time .. that is a lot of time to stay current. Take the nine hours and ease into it so you can see where you fit into the baby’s schedule and your work schedule. Also, if I remember right, full time is full time and the loans do not distinguish between 9 or 15 credits…so use that money to help you transition as well.

Canadian Government Grants

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The residents of Canada can get the benefit of grants from the governments so that no dreams remain unfulfilled. Every year the Canadian government keeps many dollars as funds for providing financial assistance to the students, business set up or development of the society. But there are also many scams involved in the process of grants that use personal information for individual gains and such scams are to be avoided.

Where to find the information

Many people don’t know that even in these days of curtailments the Canadian government is working at their level best to provide finance in the structure of grants so that the growth in economical conditions in the country are improved. The Canadian Assistance Programs Directory is a very useful guide to get all the relevant information about the Canadian government grants. Here you can find the different types of grants that are available at both the regional and federal ranks. You can get the information online from their database directory.

Grants for business

It is very practical approach by the Canadian governments at almost all levels to involve in the development of business. They have been long actively taking part in the business matters and supplying with adequate funds. In this way many business establishments are getting to flourish in a new way and the sectors facing losses are getting financial help from all the aspects. Business person when applying for the grants must take some careful steps for applying for the loan.

Before you are applying for the grant proposal you must know that you have to design the plan and outline of the project. Check the different websites to get all the information about the grants that are offered by the Canadian government. See the programs they have funded and try to analyze them properly. Go through the criteria that have been mentioned as the eligibility for your grant category. You must carefully determine the criteria for the assessment of the proposal. Final step should be to present the application in due time.

Grants for students

The Canadian governments are trying to assist the students who are willing to complete the education but cannot do so due to the deficiency of funds. There are different types of grants available for benefiting the students who are attending the schools, colleges, university as they need financial backing. Students who come from families having low income and are high-need students of part-time can get the grants. There are grants for those students who have dependents in their families. Grants are provided to those students who have disabilities and their housing, education, books and other expenses are provided. Special grants to women who are ongoing Doctoral Studies are also given the assistance of grant money.

Is it Possible to get Grant Money from Government?

Answer is Yes. There is legitimate kit that will provide you with Step by Step Instruction and Forms to receive free government grant money. Learn Apply Government Grants and Download Government Grant.

Canadian Government Grants FAQ:

Question: Canadian government grants?
Does anyone know where to find information on Canadian government grants. Our house is leaking everywhere and we don’t have enough money to get it done. I also heard about eco. grants but cant find any information.

Answer: You are probably looking at an energy retrofit grant.

The government will only approve grants which increase the over all efficiency of the home like increasing the R factor of your installation or low waste water plumbing systems.

There are a series of condition that must be met prior to receiving a grant. Unfortunately fixing a leaking system or roof is not usually deemed an eco retrofit rather regular maintenance. Unless you are planning a complete overhaul to increase the efficiency of your home the grants may not apply to you.

It never hurts to investigate.

Question: How can I get a Canadian government grant to write a book?

Answer: Thanks to the internet, books, newspapers etc. are a thing of the past. You should be able to write an e-book for virtually no cost. Better yet, you would not be sub-servient to publishers regarding content. I would totally avoid the government idea for similar reasons. Assuming a grant is available,it won’t happen unless you chose a topic of their liking and/or you have connections.

Question: Does anyone know about Canadian government grants and loans for university studies, not OSAP.
I am located in Ontario and will be attending university next fall and for the next couple of years.

Answer: There are smaller grants and bursaries available from the government. The application booklet I obtained had information regarding these programs (I received a 1 timed “donation” of $500) . I too live in Ontario. Individual universities will also have scholarship programs available upon acceptance. It also never hurts to check with you parents, or your own employer to see if they offer an scholarships. Granted scholarships are taxable income, they certainly do beat having a 30,000 OSAP debt.

For my masters program I received many grants and work study programs from the university that almost covered my educational expenses, however most were research based an only available to post graduate students. It does not hurt to check with your selected university to see if there are any work study or grant programs available. For a first year student they are a rarity, however as you move into you upper years given a strong GPA the university will try to accommodate you.

Question: How to find Canadian governments grants?

Answer: Your best bet may be to contact your provincial office and inquire.

Question: Are there Canadian Governement Grants that help with relocation withing Canada?
I need to move out to BC soon I will be attending some kind of post secondary once out there, is there somehow that the canadian government will help me relocate?

Answer: We moved within Canada years ago. No one helped us relocate but because we were moving due to employment we were able to recover some of our moving expenses at tax time.

Question: Where do I apply for a small business Grant from the Canadian government?

Answer: Start by talking to your local citizens advice, its free and confidential to talk to them and they may be able to point you in the right direction, offer you help and advice.

Question: Are there any Canadian Grants/Tax Benifits for installing and using Green Energy sources in your home?
Are there any Canadian Grants/Tax Benefits for installing and using Green Energy sources in your home – such as putting in solar panels, windmills, etc?

I’ve been thinking of using alternative energy sources when I buy my own house. However I know they are expensive. I was hoping that the government would have some sort of Tax break or grant or some way of financially helping with this sort of thing.

Also, if there is a website or phone number of relevance where I can get more information on this, I’d really appreciate it.

Answer: There are grants, but they aren’t huge by any means. Go to the government of canada website, click on search and enter “energy grant.”

Question: How would I go about getting free crown land from the Canadian Government?
Homesteading is out of the question but what about a land grant, how would I apply for a land grant?

Answer: You would need to go to the registry office in your area and get a permit of occupancy for the land you want, this is basically claiming the land you want. I should warn you only non profit organizations can get free crown land in Canada.