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How to Repay Payday Loan Debts

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Taking debt is easy, but repaying it becomes equally difficult. Same becomes true in context of payday loan debts. These are easy to avail and subsequently become an attractive proposition for borrowers. As a borrower, sometimes you seek more than two payday loans in fact, in some cases the number can go up to three or four. However, this practice leads to a huge financial burden. Once trapped in that vicious debt cycle, things become much more difficult to handle. Nevertheless, with many easy repayment options available, all such difficult situations must ease down.

Under all above mentioned circumstances, the best possible alternative is applying for professional help. Since not many of you are aware of this facility, obtaining relevant information about the same becomes extremely important. A debt consolidation service may prove to be highly efficient in this regard. It offers instant relief from all short term credit debts. It does not really matter what the nature of loan is. There are solutions for every type of problem, since the debt market has become quite extensive.

Timely Repayment

Even though easy solutions are available to deal with any type of debt related issues, personal responsibility is equally important. You need to be responsible to make timely payments of your all outstanding dues. This further shows that resort to any relief help only when the situation has completely gone out of control. Make prudent decision regarding your finances as an old popular adage goes, “prevention is the best cure”. While obtaining any payday cash debt, show your presence of mind and always settle on for the best. There is no harm in gaining short term financial relief provided it is for the right purpose at the right time. Never delay payments because they accumulate and finally result in heavy amounts. One important reason for such an acute accumulation is unpaid interests and service charges. Since payments are delayed these service fees and interests keep on accumulating. Subsequently, you end up paying double the original borrowed amount.

Some Careful Observations

Always try to seek an amount, which complements your current income. Never ask for funds in excess of your requirement. As long as payments are on time or due date, no financially troublesome situation arises. Even no help for consolidating payday loan debts is needed. So make sure that borrowed money is paid back on your next payday. However, lenders also take utmost care in ensuring smooth organization of their borrowers’ finances. They consider employment status, bank account details, personal information and other such relevant information before disbursing funds. You should be able to show a fixed and constant income flow in order to be eligible for any monetary relief.

Above discussion makes it crystal clear that a right approach towards finances may really come in handy. Efficient management of your money can certainly help you come out of any grave economic situation. What all to be done is repay your cash well in advance, so that all embarrassing and humiliating circumstances may be avoided. However, if the situation is grossly unfavorable seeking credit counseling or help may become absolutely necessary. It may help you repay all outstanding payday loan debts effectively.

Payday loan debts may become irritating if not paid off on time. Under those circumstances they need an urgent solution. debt consolidation service may provide much needed relief in such situations.

Payday Loan FAQ:

Question: What happens if someone took out a payday loan in my name?
I’m going through a nasty divorce that has been dragging on for almost a year. A couple of days ago, both my brother and sister got phone calls from someone claiming to be a collection agency for a payday loan company saying that I had taken a payday loan and failed to pay on it. I have never taken a payday loan and my attorney cannot take action until I have something in writing. What can I do?

Answer: It does not sound like an actual collection company, (actual collection companies can’t state they are calling because of an unpaid debt unless they are talking to the lendee… fdcpa guidelines), don’t know what it is but it sounds fishy. If you do talk to this person DO NOT give out any personal information, and inform family/friends not to give out theirs. Given that you are going through a divorce my best guess (and it is only that), is that it is a private investigator from your former significant other. Best of luck.

Question: Are there any legitimate payday loan companies online that will not keep directing me to other sites?
I’m so sick of filling out information to get a payday loan. I don’t have a choice but I need money to pay my rent, I understand everything that comes along with the loans, but are there any legitimate sites that will give me a payday loan and not keep sending me to different sites that direct me to another site?

Answer: Nope, that’s their gimmick. Keep you filling out applications, putting your sensitive info in over and over…

I would keep an eye on your bank account if you gave any of those numbers to anyone… you may actually get CHARGED for applying!

If you are hell bent on getting a payday loan, do yourself a favor, and go to one you can actually walk into and talk to a human behind the counter.

Question: How do I stop a wage assignment from a payday loan company?
I have some payday loan company’s that want to assign my wages how do I stop it? A friend told me about sending them a letter to revoke my signature on the wage assignments but is that paper legal?

Answer: Theses types of wage assignments are not legal in some states….. only government entities can attach a wage assignment for like student loans, unemployment over payments, child support, etc.

Internet payday lenders most generally cannot pursue you legally for defaulting unless they are licensed to do business in YOUR state.

The only way that they can try to assign your wages, is if the contract you signed with them has a clause that you agreed to a “voluntary” wage assignments”

Question: Do payday loan lenders file criminal or civil charges if you default on a loan?
I took out a payday loan and have defaulted because my bank account is overdrawn. They are leaving voicemails stating it is going to the legal department and to court. Is this a criminal matter or civil as in they can only sue me, or can I be in criminal trouble for defaulting on a loan?

Answer: Defaulting on a payday loan is not a crime and can’t result in any criminal charges. If fraud is used to take out the loan, the individual can be prosecuted for that–but otherwise, such debt-related issues are not considered to be a criminal matter in the United States. They can, however, sue you in civil court.

Question: If you have paid more interest then you borrowed on a payday loan do you have to continue to pay the loan?
My husband got a payday loan back in February and he pay $236.00 every two weeks and that does not go to the principal. Once he has paid more then the loan in interest does still have to pay the loan?

Answer: Yes, the principal is still due. Interest is a fee which is charged for the service, it is due in addition to the principal.

Question: I had a payday loan and am now being threatened with “involuntary collections”, what are those?
I took out a payday loan and my fiance lost his job afterwards. I haven’t paid the loan for the last three months because every amount I offer that I can afford to pay, they will not accept as a payment arrangement. They are now saying they are sending me to the legal department for “involuntary collections”. When I specifically asked what that entails, the man told me he wasn’t allowed to say because of collection practices. What do “involuntary collections” mean?

Answer: It means they get a judgment against you and have your check garnished or take it from your bank account or in some cases they can take property from you.

Question: Anyone know how to get out of the payday loan trap?
I live in FL, 22, work full time. I loaned money to my brother and over-extended myself and am needing help now. My credit score is around 600 and can’t seem to get a loan for around 1500 to get my out of this mess. Any ideas would be awesome!

Answer: Here’s what you will have for options:

First, you can find a part time gig, make a little extra money, and just pay it out that way.

Second, call your brother, explain the mess that he has put you into, and see if he will repay.

Third, Call the payday loan place, and let them know what you have and can re-pay. Ask them if they will be kind enough to let you pay this out over a month or two. Yes, this is last for a reason. That 1,000% interest rate they have, will let you pay them out over a month or two, but you will pay more.

Question: Where can I find instant faxless loan payday?
Every payday loan company rejected me. I just need to loan 700 to pay for my bills, could you recommend me some I want easy approved instant loan with no fax request.

Answer: If “every payday loan company” rejected you, what makes you think you are going to find one? There is a reason you are being rejected. Do you have a job?

Some Points Regarding Payday Loans

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Typically payday loans are unsecured short term loans for a couple of $100 and are especially intended to help people out of an unexpected tight financial crisis. Of late such loans are becoming more popular and such payday loans in Canada are offered by both regulated private institutions and lenders apart from banks.

The concept of payday loans first appeared in Canada around the 90′s when people wanted loans for small amount for a very short duration of time. And now this has grown into a very large industry in the country.

In Canada the amount a person can borrow is limited to about 40% of his paycheck. To be eligible for payday loans in Canada an individual has to be employed and possess a bank account and usually the term for a loan of this kind is between 14 to 30 days depending on the amount borrowed.

Generally the lending service, be it a bank or a private financier, does not request for credit checks from the borrower because such loans utilize the individual’s next salary as a kind of security. This proves to be a Godsend to people who are in a tight spot especially if they have a bad credit history.

The best and simplest means of availing a payday loan is to use the internet to apply through an online service. Most lenders of loans in Canada have a website and approve of an individual’s request with a few hours and once it has been processed, the money is electronically transferred into the borrower’s account either by the end of the day or latest by the next working day. Such online services are very convenient when considering that one can request for a loan sitting at home.

When applying for a loan one has to ensure that the lender has been in business for some time and has a good and reliable reputation. The person has to ascertain that what ever information he submits will remain safe and secure.

Payday-loans services generally charge high rates of interest for these short term unsecured loans. One has to be wary of the lending institutions as many services offer multiple loans to the financially weaker customers who eventually find it difficult to pay back the loan, enabling many payday loan companies in Canada to make a pretty packet.

The criteria for an individual to obtain payday-loans in Canada are:

  • You have to be a Canadian citizen
  • He must be over 18 years of age and his income should be at least $1000 periodically
  • The individual’s income must necessarily be directly deposited into a Canadian bank account

By and large payday loans in Canada are the simplest means of obtaining small amounts of money in an emergency. But one has to remember that such loans should be taken only when it is absolutely necessary and not to make any impulsive buying. As with any other kind of loan, payday loans can also have an impact on your financial state, so use caution and apply for one only when there is no other alternative.

Parmar Keyur is an experienced writer and Internet marketing professional based in Ahmedabad, India.

Payday Loans FAQ:

Question: What is a good payday loan company online that will instantly give me money in CANADA?
Looking online for payday loan in CANADA? Looking for high limits too. $300 bucks for first time lenders don’t cut it, any suggestions?

Answer: Any chance you could go to a family member, someone in your church, a credit union, a friend? A payday loan should be your last resort.

Question: A payday loan question?
I made the mistake of getting a payday loan a couple months ago that I wasn’t able to pay off. I had made an arrangement to make a payment to this loan 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t able to keep that arrangement. Now, today I had a ‘Collection Debit Memo’ come out of my bank account for the full amount of that payday loan including the late fee and interest owed. It left me with $35 in my bank account and a car payment to pay. I called my bank and asked about the debit from my account, because I didn’t know about it. The guy said maybe I could get it reclaimed back to my bank account and then make arrangements to pay the company, but he didn’t know if it would be possible or not and said to call tomorrow and they would put me through to my bank manager. Has anyone ever had this happen?

Answer: If you check the paperwork you signed when you took out the loan, you’ll probably find that you agreed to let the loan company attempt to take the money directly from your account if you defaulted on the loan. If this is the case, the bank won’t be able to reclaim the amount.

Question: Direct payday loan lenders?
I need loan as soon as possible.

Answer: I would stay away. They will all charge you a very high interest rate. You may end up putting yourself in a worse situation. The few people that I know that have gone there have regretted it. Use that as a last option.

Question: I wrote some checks for a small payday but the checking account is closed. I always pay the loan back on time.
I never bought any merchandise with those checks I just get my same payday loan. Now I’m in trouble. What will happen to me? What do I have to do?

Answer: If they deposit your check, it’s going to come back on a closed account. In many places that’s a pretty serious offense (much worse than “no funds”. They consider it a form of fraud). Hopefully, they will just pass it on to a collections company. But it could go either way. Better tell them what’s up before they put it in the bank.

Question: Best payday loan site to apply?

Answer: Nobody has had good experiences with ANY payday loan. They are all loan sharks.

Question: Payday loans, anybody know of any good legit ones?
I’m looking to get one of those quick payday loans online. I know a lot of them don’t give loans with bad credit and being self employed. I work as a nanny making about 1000 a month and I need to borrow about 1300 to pay my late rent.

Answer: The answer to your question is NO. There are no good, legit payday loans. Pay what you have now, and talk to your landlord about getting the rest to him/her as soon as you can. Payday loans are a really bad idea. Once you start, it would be very difficult to pay it off without getting another one, which then leads to another one, which then….you get it, right?

Question: Where can I get an online payday or short term loan?
I’ve already tried speedy cash and I was denied for money mutual.

Answer: Most, if not all legit places know if you have an outstanding payday loan elsewhere and won’t loan until the other loan is paid.

Question: Can a debt collector sue for fraud?
My husband (foolishly & without my knowledge) took out a $150 payday loan last year, which he defaulted on after being laid off from his job. We have a debt collection agency telling us that if we do not pay them, they will sue my husband for breach of contract & fraud. I can understand suing for wage garnishment, but fraud? And yes, we have attempted to offer them a payment plan, but they are refusing it, saying that we must pay in full.

Answer: Fraud has a pretty broad definition, but it basically means monetary gain by deception.

In this case, yes, they can charge your hubby with fraud, as it’s a part of the “bad check”. PROVING it is fraud, however, is a different problem, as they have to prove your husband INTENDED to deceive them. If you really go to court, they’ll probably drop the charges if you can prove that your hubby was actually laid off, and he had every intention to repay, except unforeseen circumstances intervened. The difference here is INTENTION.

As for payment plan… All collectors sound harsh and demand full payment. That’s their job. Your best bet is get a loan from a relative, pay off the collector, THEN make payment plan to your relatives.

Cash Loan Canada – Money in 24 Hours

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Cash loan in Canada is a fast and convenient way to receive cash instantly. There are numerous lenders of Canadian payday loans on the net. When you have an emergency payment pending and you are short of cash, then the best option available for you is to take a payday loan of a few hundred dollars and return the amount taken on your payday, when you receive your monthly salary. This way, you can conveniently meet your emergency requirements and still have cash in your hand for your monthly expenses.

These loans are taken to cover the cost of small utility bills like insurance, travel, medicine, school fees and the like. It is very important to pay all your bills on time to maintain your credit score, therefore, taking a fast payday loan is the best solution to pay bills that can not wait till your salary day.

Internet Application

You can easily apply for a cash loan Canada on the net. There are many websites of lenders offering you convenient terms, to apply for hassle free loans. The growth of money lending industry has been phenomenal over the past few years, and millions of borrowers are looking up to these agencies for redress every month. But, along with growth, it has received some negative publicity as well. The reason is the interest rate charged for these loans, which is much higher in comparison to traditional loans provided by banks and other financial institutions. But then, it has many advantages over the conventional form of taking loans.

The procedure involved is simply filling an online application, you get your loan amount in 24 hours and the loan amount is just a few hundred dollars. All these are plus points over traditional loans. There is no harm in taking payday loans, if you make your repayment on the due date. The problem starts, when you are unable to make your repayment on the due date and ask for a roll over to the next cycle.

Since the interest rate is high, the interest amount simply doubles on the next due date. This way, it will become more than the principal amount in a few weeks time, if you continue to ask for a roll over. Therefore, you must keep this option as the last resort for acquiring quick money.

Smart Borrowing

If you take proper measures to repay the loan on time, then a cash loan is the best option, through which you can get finance so conveniently and so quickly. You just have to select a reputable company on the net and fill an online application form, with details of your employment status, your personal details and your bank account number. You will get your loan approval in a few minutes. You then have to confirm the terms of the loan and get your loan transferred into your account immediately.

Click here to find cash loan lenders in Canada [] using online facility. Bad credit payday loans [] provide instant cash with no credit check required. When an emergency arise you can always turn into cash in advance loans [] for quick money until payday.

Cash Loan FAQ:

Question: Charges on cash loans that are the fault of the loan office (moneymart)?
If a person was told the repayment of the loan would not be taken out of a bank account before a certain time, and then it was and the person is now being charged for a returned cheque, would the customer be held responsible for that fee? Or would Moneymart because they said it would not be taken out of the bank account until a later time?

Answer: If you have a written agreement as to when payments would start then I am sure the company (Moneymart) would be responsible for the overdraft fee.

I would make sure you have a written agreement with Moneymart and then I would obtain a copy of your bank record showing the time and date they tried to withdraw money. I would also get a statement showing who penalties you had to pay. I would take this to Moneymart and try to get it resolved with one of their managers. I could not imagine them refusing to pay if you have all the documentations.

Question: Where can I get a personal loan with bad credit, Canada?
I have bad credit, I want to repair. The fiancee is in school, I have gotten myself into a cycle of payday loans and late payments. I want to get out of this hole with something that would allow me to make longer term payments rather then every payday, anyone know a place?

Answer: You will not qualify for a loan. Scrimp and save, get another job, sell some unused items, put in for an early tax refund. Payday loans are the worst predators for gouging people that don’t have other options.

Question: Can you go to jail for not paying back a payday loan?
I have paid so much interest that it more than covered the loan. I was in and out of the hospital and could not afford to pay anymore. The payday loan place said they were calling the police and pressing fraud charges because it was over $500.00. Can they do this and is it legal?

Answer: No, for $500 they will not send you to jail, and will never pay an attorney his fees to prosecute you for that megar amount. You should call them and say you need a payment arrangement. Then call your state’s consumer affairs division and explain the harassment. Put their phone number on the do not call list, to stop the harassment. Call your phone company and tell them they are harassing you. Document every thing I mentioned and just keep notes on all your calls, and action with this compnay. The state you live in may want it one day, if any law suits are pending.

Question: Is cash loan network a scam?
My dad got this mail from cash loan network. He wanted me to sign up for him since he needed the money and doesn’t speak very good English. So when I did it and I thought it was a scam. So I went all the way to the bottom to click remove me but then when I did, it went back to the page where I first filled everything in. Will my dad get scammed? I didn’t fill everything in so that’s a relief. I just went like half way. It didn’t say complete or anything.

Answer: That depends on what kind of information you put on the form already. If you entered his social security number, bank account information or any other sensitive information then YES, be scared. These sites can and will capture any info you put into their forms, even if you don’t submit. You already noticed that something was wrong when you tried to click the “remove me from list” option and it did not work.

If you gave away sensitive information then you need to take precautions. Put your fathers credit report on fraud alert and you might have to close his bank account and open a new one for him. Same goes for credit card info. Call the credit card company and put the account on alert or simply cancel the existing card and order a new one.

And one more thing, there is no legit online bank that would loan you money. A real bank will do a credit check and any fees, etc. are built into the loan and you pay them back with your regular monthly loan payments. You do not send money to a legit bank first to get a loan.

Question: If I kept a single job for 3 years, is there a cash loan center where I can get a 10,000 dollar loan?
Is there a dollar loan center where I can get a $10,000 dollar loan if I hold a job for 3 years? How much a month might I have to pay back monthly? How many thousand dollars might I have to pay back in total, or what percent of the amount I took might I have to pay back.

Answer: It is unlikely that there is a cash loan center out there that will give you that much, regardless of your work history, if you do not have a credit history with them. Most of those types of places will only give you a couple of hundred dollars unless you have a long history with them.

If you have a decent credit score and something to use as collateral, go to your bank, which is more trustworthy.

Question: Anyone know a cash advance pay loan?
I keep getting the sites that send you to other sites. Any out there that just tell you if your approved or not, without sending you to another site?

Answer: Getting a PayDay loan is not a smart move unless you have absolutely no choice. The fees incurred are ridiculous and you end up further behind then you were in the first place.

Question: Do you think merchant cash advances are a good idea?
In my search for a loan to remake my salon, I came across “merchant cash advances” is this a good idea?

Answer: Be wary of any loan off the Internet. Any firm that promises to qualify you for a loan as long as you give them an up front deposit is a scam.

Credit cards are a horrible way to finance anything…the terms can change at any time. If you need financing, go to your local bank. If you can’t qualify, then now is not the time to make changes.

Question: Being sued for payday loan! Help!?
My friend is being taken to court for multiple felonies for bounced checks from a payday loan taken out and not paid two years ago. She is still in school and can’t pay it off. What should she do? What is the worst that could happen?

Answer: First, are you sure that this is a real, confirmed legal threat? Has your friend been officially served a summons with a confirmed court date and court docket number? If this is a real legal threat, try to pay off the debt prior to court. If she does not have the money, then be sure to show up in court. Not showing up in court is the worst mistake she can make.

Payday Advance Canada – Quick Money for Emergencies

Monday, January 18th, 2010

If you live in Canada and happen to face a financial emergency you have the option of getting a payday advance, which is a short term loan with the amount between $100 and $1000 you can borrow until your payday. Payday advance Canada is designed to help people overcome their cash emergencies that may arise due to unexpected expenses such as overdue medical bill, urgent vehicle repair, etc.

In general you have two to four weeks to make a repayment for the loan. On the due date, you can make a full amount for repayment, pay partially or rollover the loan to the next cycle. The two last options may cost you extra fees so it is recommended to borrow at the substantial amount that you can repay to avoid getting another financial trouble.

Payday advance qualifications

There are some requirements you have to fulfill to become eligible for the loan. Basically, you must be a Canadian citizen or resident above 18 years old, have a job with regular salary, and have a bank account. It is just that simple. You don’t have to worry about your credit rating as most payday advance lenders in Canada do not perform any credit checks as part of the requirements.

How to apply?

The easiest way to get a payday advance in Canada is by applying online. You can find lenders operating online giving the customers convenience to simply complete the online application form directly from their home computer. You don’t have to worry about visiting a local loan shop as everything can be done electronically.

With online payday advance you can expect the money to be transferred directly into your bank account within the same day, excluding weekends. Some lenders even cut off the need to fax any document all together. They have some other ways to perform verification without asking you to fax any supporting document.

Understand before you apply

Although it is easy to get a payday advance in Canada, you should understand the various implications of getting a payday loan and deal with a lender that will not cause you any trouble. Make sure that you understand clearly the lender’s policies including how much interest and fee they are charging you. You should only select a lender that is based in Canada and have a reputable name.

Click here to find payday loan companies in Canada [] online. You can get cash directly deposited into your account from a same day payday loan []. Check out also how to get a payday loan for people with bad credit [] in Canada.

Payday Advance FAQ:

Question: Is there a payday advance that pays out on a saturday in the UK?

Answer: Many bureaus de change do pay day advances, check if you have one near you.

Question: What is 100% legit payday loan / cash advance site?

Answer: Just stick to Money Mart. They are known and can be trusted. If you listen to most people online, you’ll either get scammed or signed up to something you weren’t expecting.

Question: Can Payday Cash Advance companies tell if you already have another load out?
When I went to open an account at a Payday Cash Advance company, they checked on their computer and saw that I already had another loan out with another company. How did they do that? And can all Payday companies do this?

Answer: Payday lenders are creditors just like banks and credit card companies. Almost all creditors subscribe to the credit monitoring services (“your credit score”). Every creditor who is a member also reports their activities to the credit service by social security number. If you check your credit history, you will likely see your Payday loan at all three credit agencies.

Question: How do those payday advance places work? Is it not worth the hassle?

Answer: You want to run away from those kind of places as fast as you can. Their interest rates run between 70 and 423%. It is NOT worth it, and you’ll be hooked into paying them forever.

Question: How can I get a $1000 Loan that ISN’T Payday Advance and doesn’t require a Credit Check?
I’m in need of a $1000 Loan right now, however I just started my new job so I can’t receive a payday advance loan from one of the many companies that does that. Also, my credit is terrible so I need a place that will give me on without a credit check. I’m finally turning my life around, I just need one more piece of help right now and I’ll finally be able to start securing my debt and paying back what I owe.

Answer: Could you go to family members and ask them for moving or perhaps you could sell some items at a pawn shop.

Question: How do I get a payday advance with no checking account?

Answer: You can’t, it’s required.

Question: What’s a legit Payday Loan/Cash advance website?

Answer: There really aren’t any legit ones. Many states have banned them all together because their interest rates are essentially usury, and once accepting a loan, it is nearly impossible to get out from under them.

I would strongly urge you to look at other options. You don’t say why you need the money, or how much you need. Go to where you bank and discuss a cash advance loan with them. In emergencies, sometimes the bank is more understanding than you might think. Sometimes the Salvation Army will pull through as well, if you have one in your area. Take time to look into your community for support, but some people don’t have all the options that come with an understanding community.

Question: Payday loans?What to do?
I know they all basically rip you off, but theres only one place around here that will do a cash advance and I do not have all the needed paperwork to do one. Can someone suggest an online payday loan that they have had good experiences with?

Answer: Before you rush to do a search for “payday loan online” there are a few things you should know about how these types of loans work and what alternatives are available. A payday loan is a short term small-balance loan that is intended to tide you over till your next payday arrives. They can be conveniently obtained as payday loans do not require a credit check. If all you have are a checking account and two recent paychecks, you may be a customer. But there’s a price. Alternatives are pleading with your family for the money, obtaining a credit card or going to your bank.

Faxless Payday Loan Canada – Relief From Cash Crisis

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

All of you, who have been facing cash crunch often, and don’t know where to look for immediate help, can relax. That’s because, faxless payday loan Canada is there to help you now. Unlike, conventional loans, there is no running around to be done here. To apply for an instant payday loan in Canada, all you need to do is fill an online application. You can borrow up to $1500 with faxless payday loan Canada. The application is easy and requires only some basic information from you. You wouldn’t have to run from pillar to post, seeking payday loans. Sitting at home, the loan is just a click away.

Eligibility Is Simple

If you are worrying about eligibility for faxless payday loan Canada then stop right now. Eligibility is very basic, so that a great number of people can benefit from it. One needs to be above 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen and should have an average monthly salary of $1000. If you match these requirements, then your application will fetch you instant approval. Once this is done, it’s going to take only a few hours to transfer the money in to your account! Amazing isn’t it? Low cost payday loan in Canada is for the express purpose of providing immediate financial relief, at an affordable rate.

Quick And Efficient Loan

Faxless payday loan Canada is an efficient, reliable, and quick way of borrowing money, when you need at a really short notice. Living from paycheck to paycheck is often tough on the budget and in more cases than one, unforeseen financial crises come up. Be it a medical emergency or pending bills, or a car repair job, instant payday loan in Canada is for one and for all. Don’t worry, if you have to finance your vacation or a shopping trip, faxless payday loan Canada is available for that too.

People with bad credit too can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s because low cost payday loan in Canada is there for them too. This is a two in one golden opportunity for them, as not only can they borrow money; they can also improve their credit score. Instant approvals and quick disbursal of money are the characteristics of this loan and you no longer have to wait for ages for approval. The speed at which you can get the money with faxless payday loan Canada is as though you never faced a cash crunch. The usual term of the loan is 1-2 weeks, but this can be extended up to a month on payment of some extra fee.

Faxless payday loan Canada is a quick and efficient way to borrow money for short-term cash needs. Affordable and speedy, this instant payday loan in Canada has basic eligibility criteria. So whether you want to improve your credit score or just want to binge shopping, go ahead, take a low cost payday loan in Canada. For more information visit best payday loan

Payday Loan Canada FAQ:

Question: Payday Loan question. Please, no lectures about the pitfalls of payday loans, believe me, I know!
If a person has a payday loan through Money Mart Canada branch, are they able to get a 2nd payday loan thru a different Money Mart branch? I know that the SAME branch won’t give you a 2nd loan till the first one is paid off, but I have an emergency that I need money for this month and I’m desperate to get a second loan.

Answer: They absolutely love people who are DESPERATE so yes You can get another elsewhere (another company) but only someone unwilling to find a way out without getting in deeper will want or take one out.

Question: I’m looking for good cheque cashing and payday loan software in Toronto, Canada. Anyone knows a good one?

Answer: Smart Cashing Enterprise is not bad, I have been using this application for 3 years for my two locations. These guys have been doing this for 7 years.

Question: Payday Loans for people on disability in Canada?

Answer: I think that the best thing to do is to just save up a little money. If you are out of work then use the loan cautiously. Maybe you could borrow from a friend or get a credit card instead.

Question: Suing payday loan company
To make my story short, 2 years ago I borrowed a payday loan from Cash money company. Due to some unexpected difficulties with cash flow, unfortunately I defaulted on my debt and had to deal with collections agency. I did settle my debt with them and thought that it is the end of the story. However Cash Money tried to debit my account 5 months later for 1/5 of the amount I borrowed from them. I did provide them with the release letter from collections agency and never heard from them for about a year. Shockingly they again tried to debit my bank account just a few days ago. Here is my question. Since they SOLD my debt to collections agency, did they have any rights to the “outstanding debt”? Second thing, do I have a good legal ground to take them to small claims court? Pretty much now they’re simply trying to steal the money from my bank account.

Answer: Payday loan companies are notorious for coming back and taking additional funds from your bank account. If you paid off a collection agency, the original creditor cannot come back and collect the same account. But payday loan companies really don’t mind not following the rules.

Did your bank return the money to you? And have you closed that account?

You can try to sue them but I suspect it will be a complete waste of your time. You can sue them for the amount they took from your account but even if you win the suite, you still have to collect from them. Something you may find to be much more difficult than you think.

Question: Cheque cashing questions in Surrey bc Canada?
Excluding money mart does anyone know of a cheque cashing place that would cash a personal cheque I can write to myself? Also can a person get two payday loans at two different money marts.

Answer: There are several different places that are like Money Mart, but it sounds like you have a bigger problem. I went to Credit Counsellors of BC and got help.

Question: We need to do something about these fraudulent loans?
I was in need of money fast, I did not want to go through a payday loan cause the charges are ridiculous, so I went and did a google search for loans with people with bad credit. It says the name of the business is FINANCIAL BENEFITS, I put in my application and it stated someone would contact me shortly. The next day I receive a call from Susan Moore stating she is with Financial Benefits and I have been approved for a $5000.00 loan at 6 % interest and my monthly payment would be $165.00. Then she stated I would have to send 525.00 via moneygram to Mark Clark in Canada which I did. I called susan to give her the pin she stated I would receive call from lender telling me where I can pick my money up, I still have not heard from anyone. The agency’s say I will never get my money back and they have lots of cases, its time for payback!

Answer: It is extremely doubtful that you are going to get your money back. The fact that she offered you 6% on an unsecured loan should have been a ‘red flag’ that something was wrong. Your best bet would be to contact the police and file a complaint. In the future – ensure that no money changes hands without a signed contract. And do not do business with any company that you cannot verify is legitimate.

Cash Advance Canada – Fast Money Online

Monday, October 26th, 2009

If you are in Canada and facing a major cash crunch towards the end of the month you still have option to get fast cash advance loan to overcome your financial emergency. Cash advance Canada can become your savior. You have to pay up your electricity bill, rent, fees and the like but you have no money. And you cannot afford to wait for your next pay day to pay up the bills. Do not sweat. Cash advance loan is available online to solve your problems.

How Can a Cash Advance Help You?

Cash advance loan in Canada can transfer money to your account in a matter of few hours and sometimes maybe in a matter of few minutes! There are payday loans ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 that are given to lend out to people who require money for a short while. Cash advance loans are very easy to qualify for. They just need of a proof of employment and salary drawn. Once that is done, no long drawn formalities are required. A one time fee is charged and the cash is repaid to the lender when the borrower gets his salary.

Cash advances are very useful in a situation of emergency. No one knows when crisis can strike in the form of sickness, accidents and the like, when these loans will come in handy. But over utilizing of these loans can create trouble for the borrower. There are people who only prefer to pay the fee and keep extending the loan amount. This would mean that over a period of time, the fees from a cash advance loan can add up to a huge amount, much more than the loan itself.

Thus only those who are really facing a crisis situation must consider taking cash advances. And that too the amount that is required and not more than that. Also it must be ensured that the loan is paid back without extending the time period.

Online Application for Quick Approval

The easiest way to get a cash advance in Canada is by applying online through the Internet. There are many lenders who are able to lend you quick money with simple requirements. Through online application you don’t have to walk out of your home or office to apply for the loan. Simply by filling in an online application form you can submit your details and wait for lender’s approval which usually takes within 24 hours. The money is then deposited directly into your bank account in a matter of hours.

Click here for get fast cash advance in Canada. You can obtain same day cash loan easily with simple requirements. Learn also how to get $1000 payday loan in Canada to resolve your cash problem quickly.

Cash Advance Canada FAQ:

Question: Canadian Bankruptcy question?
I live in Canada and I am filing bankruptcy next week. We have been trying to save some money to buy a used car and it doesn’t seem like we will have enough. I have been taking some cash advances out on my credit card to try and cover it. However, I am nervous as my trustee said that they will look at your charges and may question “unusual usage”, and could charge you with fraud.

Has anyone had any experience with this? It is not like I am withdrawing thousands of dollars, but I have been taking out a few hundred here and there.

Answer: I don’t know but what I would say is that taking cash advances on your credit card is NEVER a good idea.

Question: Where in Mexico can I cash a Postal Money Order from Canada?
I went to the Post Office, they do not cash them. I went to 3 different banks, they do not cash them. I went to 5 different money exchange banks, they do not cash them… any idea of where I could go?

Answer: Try an international bank in a big city. You could also contact your embassy. Scotiabank is a Canadian bank that has several branches in different cities. Maybe they can help you. Maybe the American Express office can help you as well. If you need money, your bank card should work in most ATM’s in Mexico.

Question: What do Canadians call ATMs or cash machines? And what is their proper name?
In the UK people often call a cash machine a ‘hole in the wall’. Officially they’re ATMs or cash machines.

Answer: Well, they are either called ATM (automatic teller machine), ABM (automatic banking machine), cash machine, bank machine, or green machine (for TD Canada Trust machines).

Question: What can I do?
I was supposed to be getting mailed a check for $500 from a different province (yes, I live in Canada) for a refund. I didn’t get it, so I called the guy back and he said that the check was cashed at an EZ Cash Advance place. I called the Cash Advance place, and they have no record of checks being cashed with either of our names on them. The guy hasn’t returned my calls for three days now, what can I do?

Answer: Call the police where the crime occurred and make a report.

Question: How can I take cash out of my credit card without using a cash advance?
I need $3000 cash quick, and I have a $3000 credit limit but a $600 cash advance limit. I also don’t wanna pay the cash advance fees?

Answer: Hmm tricky…. have you try Make an account and wire a fund to your bank account and withdraw it from your bank account! You got $3,000.00 without the overage fees!

Question: How can I get a cash advance or a loan today with bad credit and no bank account?
I need a cash advance ASAP or a personal loan today or tomorrow but I don’t have a bank account. Most of the websites I went to requires a bank account. Does anyone know how I can get a cash advance or personal loan wired to like a western union or something instead of an account?

Answer: You need to have a bank account. How would someone know you’re going to pay them back without a bank account? Anyone that says they can give you a loan without a bank account is either a loan sharker or a scammer, and you don’t want to mess with either.

Question: What happens if a cash advance loan goes unpaid?
I have a cash advance loan out and don’t have the cash to pay it back. If the post dated check goes through I will be in major debt. I wanted to put a stop payment on my check. What action will the lenders take?

Answer: Usually with cash advances when you sign for it you let them know things of which you have that are worth money. They will take those possessions away from you or they will send you to a bill collector and your credit will be ruined.

Question: How can i get a cash advance without a job?
I need an instant online cash advance but I don’t currently have a job, so I was looking for a cash advance that doesn’t check employment and your income.

Answer: No business is going to loan you money, you have no way to pay it back. Why would they do that? Maybe you could have a friend borrow the money for you but if I was your friend, I wouldn’t do it because I would wonder how you were going to pay me back plus the fees the cash advance company would charge me. Look into selling some of your possessions.